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About Us

About Pabitra Furniture

We are trusted furniture manufacturers which have added charm and creativity to many home and offices. We have been in this industry for a long time and in the process have mastered in terms of Artistry and have developed knowledge about how to fill your spaces with creativity. We provide furniture for home, offices or any other spaces that you would like to add charm to. All of these in the best prevailing rates along with assurance of a lifetime.

We are creative designers who also allow customized furniture creation which is completed according to your choice. Our experts have been with us for long and we know well how to create your designs into beautiful masterpieces. We are located in the hub of Siliguri and you can also visit our Outlet to have an idea about the designs that we deal in. We also deal in luxurious designs that add charm to your spaces and is attractive enough to be appreciated by everyone who sees them.

We also take bulk orders or provide ideas about how can you transform and add furniture at your new house or workspace at a very reasonable price with long lasting quality. Let's create a masterpiece for you.

About Us